• Log your data with the new Columbus V900 GPS Data logger
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Columbus have just released a new data logger called the V-900. It features an integrated microSD memory card, software that will let you map out coordinates during a trip and also has bluetooth connectivity. Pricing is still unavailable.

  • Now you can have custom applications on your GPS System
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    Dash Express have just announced the release of a new service that opens up their network to third party software. DashApps will be the name of the applications that will be created. Dash customers will access the application through the MyDash portal. Examples of custom applications that dash users can now download include:

  • New GPS mapping for SmartPhones and Pocket PCs
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    Route 66 a mapping and navigation software company, recently announced the release of their brand new mapping software called the Mobile 8 for smart phones and pocket pcs that use Windows Mobile. The new software package features high definition maps and a quick search destination finder. Other features include: Voice guided Navigation Sync application to […]

  • Amazing gps systems from Clarion
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    Â Clarion have just announced the release of two new gps system models called the MAP680 and the MAP780. The machines only differ by the size of internal memory. Both machines have an amazing 3d modelling software that show your routes in a complete 3d model. The machines are slated to be released in Europe […]

  • iPhone alternative selects At&t
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    The Garmin Nuvifone which is to be released in the third quarter this year is now in the phase of testing out price points in the market. Garmin sent some people a survey that listed the phone at $500 through At&t with a two year contract. We believe that the Nuvifone price will drop because […]

  • Get a bluetooth GPS receiver for only $43
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    Nolan have just released a new bluetooth GPS receiver for a nice price of $43. The system features a SiRF Star Gps receiver, Bluetton version 2.0 and a battery that can last up to 10 hours. You also receive a car charger and a USB cable. Via.

  • 4 New GPS Systems from TomTom
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    TomTom have just announced the release of some new models in its award-winning car navigation range – the TomTom ONE and TomTom XL. TomTom has redesigned the new TomTom ONE and TomTom XL from scratch. In line with its acclaimed approach to ease of use – in software, maps and installation – TomTom has introduced […]

  • Get a Free GPS System with Suzuki
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    Gps systems are fast becoming a standard in car show rooms these days. Suzuki are the recent car manufacturer to offer gps systems in their 2009 vehicle models. The gps systems will be developed by Garmin, who have already developed a similar gps for Volvo and BMW. Any Suzuki model above $16,000 will be equiped […]

  • Need a $1200 GPS Navigation system?
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    Magellan are about to release an amazing gps navigation system that will cost $1,200 that is called the Maestro 5340 Elite. It has a widescreen 5″ display, direct connection to Magellan and Google to provide live search capabilities, and the unit will deliver some more sophisticated connectedness to provide better POI search, as well as […]

  • Are you ready for the Sanyo Gorilla NV-SD700DT
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    Sanyo have just announced the release of a new gps system called the Gorilla NV-SD700s. It has a huge 7″ screen and comes with a TV tuner and can also record TV programs onto a SD Card. The system features a 400Mhz processor, picture in picture and has a powerful gps system. The system is […]