• TomTom One 125 Review
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Description The TomTom ONE 125 is a great entry level gps system and has some great features that most people getting their first gps systems would use. With features like map-share and TomTom home, users will be able to […]

  • Magellan Maestro 4250 Review
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    Description The Magellan Maestro 4250 gps system has a nice 4.3″ widescreen for easy viewing and also includes an FM-TMC receiver for instant traffic updates. The Maestro 4250 will recalculate your route immediately when detects that you are approaching congestion which is a great feature. It also contains preloaded maps of the entire U.S., Canada, […]

  • Garmin Nuvi 265WT Review
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    Description The Garmin 265WT is a great machine that comes with a ton of features and best of all does not cost that much. This system comes with great features that include text to speech, blue tooth and FM traffic to get you away from all the traffic jams around you. The Garmin Nuvi 265WT […]

  • The best way to plan your trips online
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    Tomtom have just unveiled a new service that they say is the best way to plan your trips online. By using their expertise in navigation and mapping, Tomtom have developed an application that will give you the best information you need to plan ahead. How can you use this. This routing application will give you […]

  • Top 10 Gps Systems for 2008
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    Now that the year is finally coming to a close, we wanted to provide to you a list of the top gps systems for 2008. Wide screens were very popular this year with GPS manufacturers who gave us 4.3″ screens and added many useful features like blue-tooth and free traffic. Cell phone providers also had […]

  • Garmin Nuvi 760 Review
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    Description The Garmin Nuvi 760 is a great machine that will definitely please you with its performance and functionality. This system will give you directions to your destination flawlessly and has a ton of amazing features that are extremely useful. The user interface has a solid design and is very easy to use. You will […]

  • Garmin Nuvi’s Gps Systems Under $200
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    Here is a list of the best garmin nuvi’s that you can get that are under $200. Garmin is widely known to make the best gps navigation systems. Most of these systems have great features like such as preloaded maps, MP3 players, and MSN Direct traffic assistance, text to speech and you can get them […]

  • How to Buy a GPS System
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    Thanks to the advances in technology, you now have many different types of GPS systems from which to choose. When shopping for a GPS system it is important to keep in mind that various systems vary in terms of what they can do, so it is a good idea to make a priority list of […]

  • Amazing Gps Navigation Deals for Black Friday
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    Get Black Friday Deals Best Buy is positioning themselves as the place to go to get the best gps navigation systems deals for Christmas this year. They have released their black friday sales and have some great sales that you can get. Other retailers like Radio Shack, Dell and Walmart will also have some great […]

  • Californians Get to use GPS Systems again
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    Ok … the title is a little misleading, but people in California are currently banned from mounting their GPS units on the windshield in their cars. Law makers there thought that GPS units mounted on the windshield could interfere with the deployment of airbags and that they could also be an obstruction to a drivers […]