• Best GPS under $200, $100, $150
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!There are extremely good gps navigation systems that you can get today that cost less than $200. Garmin typically make the best gps navigation systems, so it is no surprise that their Nuvi systems are featured in our top systems […]

  • Garmin Rino 520HCx and 530 HCx
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    Garmin recently announced the release of two additions to their Rino series, which are gps enabled two way radio’s. The Rino 520HCx and Rino 530 HCx feature a high sensitivity gps receiver for faster location acquisition and improve accuracy. They also come with a base map which covers North and South America, and displays cities, […]

  • Track a car with gps location tracking
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    GPS Snitch: Best if used to track your car incase it gets stolen or if you have the need to have real time tracking ie. For example if you want to track where your teenager goes and want to know where they are.Its small enough to be hidden almost anywhere and gives you the power […]

  • Kenwood MNA-350 GPS System + Car Music Stereo
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    Kenwood have just release an after market radio/cd replacement that features a CD player and built in GPS (3.5 inches screen). The audio part supports MP3, AAC and WMA codecs, an iPod can be plugged in to this MNA-350 and the integrated SD port can be used to upgrade the GPS. The GPS shows the […]

  • Garmin Nuvi 650 Review
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    The Garmin Nuvi 650 was released by Garmin in Spring 07, and is based off one of the best navigation systems on the market today the Garmin 660. The Nuvi 650 comes with many of the popular features found in the Nuvi 660 minus the bluetooth. The nüvi 650 features a super-bright 4.3″ widescreen display […]

  • TTool – Amazing GPS navigation system
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    Korean firms continue with their tradition of unleashing amazing and cool gadgets. A Korean company has managed to produce one of the coolest looking gps navigation systems that we have ever seen. The TTool features : 7″ Screen Touch Screen and Buttons Runs on Windows CE MP3 Movie Player Photo Viewer DMB Player Games GPS […]

  • Biking with GPS – Defend yourself
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    Where in the world . . . ?
    A global positioning system isn’t just for spoiled teens and soccer moms in SUVs any more — they’re now for spoiled teens and soccer moms on bikes as well. GPS, more often used for navigating mountain trails, may seem a bit over-the-top for urban biking, but if you really want to bring your bike into the 21st century and avoid getting lost, these pricey navigation aids can do the trick. Just stick one on your handlebars and the easy-to-read LCD screen will ensure that you’ll find your destination without having to deal with any tricky maps. Though they use the same technology and are as accurate as GPS systems for cars, bike navigation systems are shatter-resistant, waterproof, and more compact. And while GPS can be especially helpful to cyclists who are new to the city, seasoned urban cyclists can also benefit from additional features: some of these gadgets can tell you your speed, heart rate, and a 12-hour weather forecast.

  • One more reason to get a GPS Navigation System
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          Tomtom have conducted a study that proves that your chances of getting into an accident are reduced if you are using a gps navigation system. In 2006 TomTom joined forces with Delta Lloyd insurance, AON insurance & risk brokers, and Athlon car leasing to commission an independent research project by TNO, the […]

  • Tomtom One XL GPS Navigation Review
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    Reviewers from PocketworldGPS have done an extensive review on the new Tomtom one gps system. Although its currently in Europe, it should be making its way to the US soon. It has a big 4.3″ screen, bigger than most other gps systems in its price range. It has the following features : Bluetooth 2.0 2D […]

  • Garmin Nuvi 200 Review
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    This a budget gps system from garmin, check the latest prices here. This is what you get in the box: nüvi 200 Preloaded Maps for U.S., Hawaii and Puerto Rico (no Alaska or Canada detail) Vehicle suction cup mount Vehicle power cable Dashboard disk Set up and go guide This machine handles the basics of […]