• New garmin e trex gps systems
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Garmin is planning the release of 4 new gps handheld models for their eTrex series this fall. 3 of the units will be Galileo ready. They seem to have boosted the sensitivity on each of the new models. Garmin […]

  • Drive Safer with a car gps navigation system
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    The CEA (Consumers Electronics Association) is encouraging people to buy gps navigation systems because the systems make it safer to drive. With the beginning of the summer travel season next week, the CEA is doing its best to educate consumers on the need for navigation electronics and their proper, safe use. They have also re-launched […]

  • Another amazing gps system from Korea
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    The Koreans are at it again with yet another great 7″ gps navigation system, the Zamm DMB navigation system . It has one great feature which is having a DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcast) receiver. The DMB technology was developed in S. Korea which allows rich multimedia (radio, tv and datacasting) to be sent to mobile […]

  • Mio Digiwalker C520 New Gps Navigation system
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    Mio have just announced the release of a new gps and entertainment system called the C520. One main feature of the C520 is the large 4.3-inch wide screen display, which can be set to either a full-screen map view or a unique split-screen view (As show above). The split screen can display additional information about […]

  • New GPS System from Pioneer
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    Pioneer announced the release of a new gps system called the AVIC-HD3BT navigation system. This model is slated for a European release only. This is probably the most advanced gps navigation system that can be installed in your car today. It is a complete entertainment system that comes fully equipped with blue tooth technology. Here […]

  • New GPS System from Hyundai Mobis
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    A few weeks ago we talked about a new gps system for the Korean market from TTool. Well the Koreans are at it again this time from Hyundai Mobis, a subsideary of Hyundai who announced a new ‘MDN7300′ gps system. It features: a 7″ screen Intel PXA 270 520MHz CPU for enhanced video playback Samsung’s […]

  • New GPS System from Panasonic
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    Panasonic have just added the new Panasonic Prada F Class to their line of gps navigation systems. There are 3 F Class models and are expensive costing between $2800 – $3000. They have the following features: Gps sensor with high sensitivity Ability to map route and save in SD Card 7″ Touch screen Memory Card […]

  • GPS Academy from Garmin
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    Garmin has just launched a new site that is designed to help you learn more about how GPS systems work or how to use gps systems on the road. The site is flash based and has great animations. Check out the new gps academy here.

  • Novogo S700 Review
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    The Novogo S700 is a new gps system from a small company that makes gps systems called Novogo. If you can get this machine at a good price then might be worth considering. PC Mag have done a short review on the Novogo S700 and they listed their pros and cons. Pros: Large POI (Points […]

  • Get gps on your cell phone for free*
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    Of course there always is a catch, the service is free for 14 days. Ask Mobile lets you share your location with friends, get maps, directions, Evites, and Citysearch content. You will also be able to find restaurants, bars, and businesses nearby using the GPS system. The system features rich, smooth scrolling maps which show […]