• Keeping track of teenagers in their cars
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! If you want to keep track of your teenager by gps, the StreetEagle GPS Tracker offers a service that will do just that. The StreetEagle is an onboard gps vehicle tracking system that communicates wireless from your car to […]

  • sirfDirect annouces new gps technology
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    SiRF announced the SiRFDirect technology that empowers GPS navigation manufacturers to offer tracking and accuracy capabilities that are currently found in higher end systems. This new technology uses heading and acceleration data from the sensor that is embeddded within to get a better picture of your current location whenever GPS signals are low or non-existent. […]

  • Tomtom GO 750 and GO 520 with Map Share
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    TomTom have announced the TomTom Map Share on the new TomTom GO 520 and TomTom GO 720 gps navigation systems. This new map improvement technology allows TomTom users to improve their maps as soon as they spot changes in the roads. This new technology also has a bunch of new features, such as safety extras […]

  • GPS Fish Finders – How they can help you
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    Fish finders use sound waves to detect the bottom of the lake, river,or stream and calculate the depth, and will also detect anything between the surface and the bottom, such as fish. This lets you know right away whether or not there are any fish present. Fish Finders with GPS will help you to return […]

  • Father’s day gift – Get dad a gps system
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    Father’s day is June 17th this year and there are a ton of gadgets that you can get your dad, husband, brother or friend. GPS Navigation systems top the list of the most requested gadgets in 2007 by dad’s. Buying a gps system can be a difficult task especially if you have never used one […]

  • Top 10 GPS Navigation Systems for May
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    GPS Tracklog have just released their top ten list for hand held and car gps navigation systems. They rank the gps systems based on the number of times the units’ reviews have been read on GPS Tracklog. Top Ten gps vehicle navigation system: Garmin nuvi 350 – Check Price Garmin nuvi 360 – Check Price […]

  • Monthly Review for May on GPS Reviews and News
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    With all the new gps navigation systems that were released this spring, we were busy posting reviews and news of some great gps systems. Here are the top posts for the month of May. Top 10 GPS Navigation systems for April Garmin Nuvi 200 Review Tomtom one XL GPS Review TT00l – Amazing gps navigation […]

  • GPS for your smartphones and blackberrys
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    The freedom gps unit is small and ideal for connecting wirelessly to your notebook, mobile phone or PDA using bluetooth. It is the perfect size to add to you key chain, making it always near and is able to maintain an accurate lock with GPS satellites even if it is in your pocket, briefcase, handbag […]

  • Streetview – A new feature from google maps
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    Google maps have just released a new feature called streetview, that shows pictures of the street that you are currently viewing. It is only available for major cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, New York and Miami. Seems to be a good feature to spot landmarks. It will be interesting to see if this […]

  • LG LN740 Gps Review
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    LG have entered the gps navigation system market with a well built system that competes with the popular gps systems on the market from Garmin, Magellan and Tomtom. Gps Magazine have done an extensive review of this system and concluded that is worth the $500 that LG is asking. Here are some highlights of their […]