• Sanyo NVM-4070 GPS Navigation System
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Sanyo recently announced a new gps systems called the NVM-4070. It’s features include viewing of JPEG and playing of MPEG4 files. The gps system also has blue tooth support, allowing use as a wireless speaker phone. A 3.5mm stereo […]

  • Sprint introduces Loopt
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    Sprint together with a start up company called Loopt have announced the availability of the “Loopt” service on the Sprint network. Over 100,000 have already signed up for the service. Loopt is a mobile service that allows you to see where your friends are located by using gps capabilities on select Sprint phones and also […]

  • Garmin set to acquire Spanish distributor
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    Garmin recently announced that it intends to acquire Electronica Trepat who are Garmin’s distributor in Spain. Electronica Trepat is expected to change its name, but will retain its management, sales, marketing and support staff. Via

  • Gps systems for driving and geocaching
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    Many people have the need for the two basic uses of gps systems today, driving in their cars and geocaching. When using a gps system in a car, a user generally inputs an adress and the gps system takes you there using its mapping information. Generally when using a handheld GPS for hiking and geocaching, […]

  • New portable gps system from Pontus
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    Pontus, a Korean company has announced the release of their new portable navigation device called the EN-4500. It is packed with features which include: Media playing capability like Mp3′s TV Tuner 4″ Wide screen SD Card Reader Slick form factor The EN-4500 is available in Japan for about $500.

  • Garmin release new maps – TOPO US 2008
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    Garmin have mapped every hill and valley in the US with their latest release of US Maps – TOPO US 2008. The maps are constructed from DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data unlike the previous models that were constructed from digitized versions of the USGS maps. Garmin have added some new features like the new topo […]

  • The art of navigation – iStation N7tu from Digital Cube
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    Here is another amazing navigation system from Korea the N7tu navigation device, which supports a dual DMB (T-DMB and S-DMB) offering mobile TV and a satellite navigation system which lets its users check real-time traffic information and choose the fastest route. It features : 30GB or 60GB hard drive AMD Alchemy AU1250 CPU SiRF3 GPS […]

  • GPS System from Honda detects earthquakes
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    Honda has added new features that detect earthquakes to its latest gps navigation system called Internavi gps system. The system receives information about the effects of any tremors around the area through the owners cell phone. It then takes the information and combines it with its maps and displays the roads that are reported to […]

  • Mio P360 & P560 – New Gps Systems from Mio
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    Mio are about to release their new PDA’s the P360 and P560. These units will replace the P350 and the P550 units that are currently in the market. The biggest additions to the new units is WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and have a streamlined design. No word on pricing yet but it should be in the […]

  • GPS Navigation System for dummies
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    The “For Dummies” series of books recently announced that they have created a new gps navigation system for dummies. They partnered with the Maylong Group, a Detroit-area technology company and created the FD35 PND. They claim that the system is designed to be the world’s most user friendly interface, that is perfect for automobiles, backpacks, […]