• Gps Car Tracking Systems from SkyPatrol
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! SkyPatrol® is an innovative location service which provides wireless vehicle monitoring and tracking services using GPS and Cellular Technology. SkyPatrol® can deliver location information to its subscribers using the web or telephone. The service is available anytime and anywhere […]

  • Golf with a gps watch – Pyxis RGPS-3000
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    The Pyxis RGPS-3000 is a new gps system designed for golfers from a Korean company. The system tells time and also gives users the ability to load their favorite golf course. While on the course the device will also keep track of scores. Other uses of this handy system include: Running Biking Hiking It will […]

  • The odd-i P480 Navigation system from Korea
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    Y et another very nice looking gps system from Korea called the Odd-I P480. They system has many amazing features like a DMB receiver , 128MB memory and Microsoft Office Intergration. Some features include : Photo Viewer Multimedia player FM Radio Player Enhanced Calendar TV Receiver 4.8″ Screen Via

  • IBM announces five new transport innovations
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    IBM announced five innovations that will have the potential to change the way people travel over the next five years. These innovations are expected to transform our lives. Every year over 9 billion gallons of fuel are wasted because of traffic congestion, car accidents cost consumers billions of dollars and by the year 2020 the […]

  • US – Gps System and EU – Galileo will talk with each other
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    The US and the European Union announced a breakthrough to make Global Positioning System(US) and Galileo (EU) Systems interoperable. GPS has 30 satellites orbiting around Earth providing services such as car navigation or hand held navigation. The system is in the process of being upgraded while Galileo is still being developed slated to be operational […]

  • Garmin Rino 520HCx and 530 HCx in stock
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    Get the new Garmin Rino 520 HCx and 530HCx now., has just received these new gps systems and are now ready to ship. Features include: Bold color TFT display makes it easy to see and navigate to family or friends at an amusement park, lake or other outdoor group activity. microSD card slot accepts […]

  • New GPS System from Leadtek
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    Leadtek recently released two new gps navigation system models the LR 9750 and LR 9752. Both use a highly sensitive SiRFStarIII GPS chipset that supports TTS and announces street and place names in an instant. The LR 9752 is Bluetooth enabled with a convenient Hands Free function. An interesting feature is a unique big button […]

  • Cell Phone GPS or Get a personal navigation device
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    A study carried out by Twice, finds that about 50% of people would prefer to use a personal navigation device (pnd) rather than the gps service provided by cell phone companies. Only 17% said that they would use a cell phone while about 33% said that they would use both. Most people who participated in […]

  • TomTom acquires Tele Atlas
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    Tomtom announced that they have accepted to buy the digital mapping company Tele Atlas for$2.77 billion in cash. Tele Atlas are the world’s second-biggest producer of maps will allow TomTom to deliver real-time updates on routes to its more than 10 million navigation devices, the companies said. After the two merge Tele Atlas will continue […]

  • GPS Guided Tours from CityShow
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    CityShow® is a gps tour guide system where you rent a hand held gps that guides you as you walk around the city that you are visiting. It provides you with interesting stories, history of the city , it’s music, pictures, and information. CityShow tells you what you are seeing – as well as what […]