• Watch Garmin Nuvi Video Demonstrations
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Garmin have just released the latest Nüvi video demonstrations from where you can also get to product information pages. The videos highlight the features of the Nuvi Gps Navigation systems. Here are the links to the video demonstrations: Garmin […]

  • Turn your phone into a Garmin GPS System
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    Garmin have just announced Garmin Mobile XT which is an all in one software solution that turns smartphones with Gps into Garmin Navigators. The software will be avalaible on microSD cards and will include access to dynamic content like real time traffic alerts, current fuel prices and movie times. There will be NO monthly fees […]

  • Magellan Maestro 4050 voice command review
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    The Magellan Maestro 4050 Magellan Maestro 4050 is dubbed as the first voice command gps system in the market. It allows drivers to control the device and route to their destination using voice commands. It also provides Real time traffic alerts Bluetooth hands free phone calling Advanced routing features Streamlined touch-screen buttons minimize steps to […]

  • Nokia takes a bite of the Gps Industry
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      Nokia and Navteq announced an agreement where Nokia will acquire the digital map supplier Navteq for about $8 billion.   Currently consumers can download free maps from Nokia’s mapping service, which uses data from Navteq. Nokia recently also started to sell gps navigation services for devices that are equipped with the global positioning system. […]

  • Top 10 GPS Systems for the month of September
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    These are the top gps systems for the month of September for hand held and car gps navigation systems. The rankings are based on Monthly Sales, Reviews Read and most active forum topics. Garmin Nuvi 760- ~$200 – Read Review Garmin Nuvi 360- ~$150 – Read Review Garmin Nuvi 255W – ~$180 – Read Review […]

  • Mio C720t New Gps Navigation System
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    Mio have just announced that the availability of a new Gps Navigation system in the US called the Mio C720T. This new system is interesting as it has a 2 megapixel camera and uses Gps co-ordinates to geotag the pictures taken. Another interesting feature is the inclusion of business card recognition software which will input […]

  • Gorilla Gps Car entertainment system from Sanyo
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    Sanyo’s “Gorilla” range has just been given an upgrade with the introduction of the NV-SD580DT and NV-SB260DT. These new systems will now offer users the ability to RECORD what you see. Features include: 5.8 ” screen FM transmitter TV Tuner 2GB Max SD Card Mp3 Player SD-Video Card Reader To bad for consumers in the […]

  • Medion GPS GoPal P4425 with fingerprint security
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    Medion recently announced the release of two new gps sytems, the Gopal E3410 and the Gopal P4425. The P4425 comes fully equiped with a fingerprint scanner for added security. Both devices are compact and have features that include: 3.5″ screen (E3410) – 4.5″ screen (P4425) Voice activation technology Bluetooth hands free calling RDS TMC dynamic […]

  • Gps tour guides by BarZ and u-blox
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    BarZ Adventures makers automated tour guides for zoos and parks and u-blox America Inc. ,a GPS receiver technology provider recently announced that they would be bringing GPS-based tour guides to several U.S. National Parks and Zoos. GPS Ranger and Zoo Ranger, products from BarZ helps visitors experience national parks and historic sites, zoos, and other […]

  • iPhone gets a GPS Hack that works and is free
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    Through the magic of hackers, the iPhone just got GPS. Using peer collected GPS data that is linked to cell towers, the Navizon GPS app is able to provide GPS functionality to the iPhone. The way it works is by contributors collecting the location information of cell towers and wifi access points. Then they share […]