• The Best GPS Navigation Systems
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Best GPS For the Money The following are the five best gps units that you can buy today. Read our gps reviews to find out more about the gps units and the best price you can get for them […]

  • HTC P3470 Sleek phone with GPS
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    HTC have just announced the release of a brand new phone with features that include GPS called the HTC P3470. The phone runs on Windows mobile 6 and comes with TomTom Navigation Software installed. Coming with a 2.8 inch touch screen the P3470 is a great smart phone with nice features. Other features include: 2MP […]

  • Garmin Nuvifone to compete with iPhone
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    Garmin recently announced the release of a brand new product that they call the Nuvifone which is an a sleek touchscreen device which combines features like a phone, web browser and a personal navigation system. “The nüvifone is an all-in-one device offering unmatched integration of utility and function in a single mobile device,” said Cliff […]

  • Send map info to your GPS system from Microsoft Live maps
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    Microsoft have introduced a new feature in Live Search Maps that provides the ability to send locations that you find on Live Search maps wireless to your compatible navigation system. You can do some research on locations that you are interested in and when you find them just click send and the location is sent […]

  • Navigon 8110 Gps Navigation System
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    Navigon is rumored to be in the process of releasing a new 8000 series gps navigation system that will introduce voice synthesis and voice recognition to the Navigon line of gps system. The new system will sport the popular 3D reality view with even more realistic views and will be able to capture address information […]

  • BMW’s to offer Garmin Nuvi 360 as an option
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    BMW and Garmin have just stuck a deal that gets a customized Garmin Nuvi 360 into the BMW 100 and 300 series. BMW dealers will offer the customized Nuvi 360 Garmin system to drivers who decide after they buy the vehicle that they want the navigational device. The gps system will have a BMW logo […]

  • Clarion Mobile Internet Navigation Device (MIND)
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    Clarion have just announced the release of a new GPS Navigation system called the Mobile Internet Navigation Device (MiND). The MiND packs a ton of features including a web browse (that can play flash videos), email client, hands free phone, media player, file viewer, IM Client, RSS reader and of course navigation software. You can […]

  • Get Gps For your wandering dog
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    Zoombak provide an advanced GPS Locator for your dog if you have one that wanders around alot. Zoombak’s Advanced GPS Dog Locator provides a way to locate your dog and bring him home safely if he runs away or gets stolen. The device fits comfortably to your dog’s collar allowing you to help locate him […]

  • NavNgo introduces the NavNGo Limo GPS System
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    A company from Hungary called NavNGo displayed a new product at the CES 08 called the NavNgo Limo. The NavNGo Limousine is a combination of hardware, a leading Navigation Software system and a full mapping package. The software and the maps are uploaded into an SD card and placed directly into the hardware device. You […]

  • Hi-tech compass with GPS from IDC
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    IDC have just revealed the all new intelligence digital compass at the CES 2008. Simply put it is a compass that follows you when you move around and then points you the way back by following the arrow on the screen. It is perfect if you have ever forgotten where you parked your car at […]