• For the Cell phone lovers
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    Like what you see! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Motorola have just announced the release of a new phone that they call the “Smart rider” which is designed to be used as a fixed device in a car. It features hands free calling for ease of use when […]

  • How to avoid High Gas prices in 2 easy steps
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    If you want to know the best deal that you can get on gas prices accurately and instantly, use this amazing 2 step guide to help you : 1. Buy the New Dash Navigation GPS System 2. Use it That’s it, lol. Here is a great example of how you can avoid paying the highest […]

  • Are you ready for the Dash Express?
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    Dash Express which is the first GPS system on the market with two way internet connectivity is set to be released on March 26. One of the main features that is getting people excited about the new gps system is the unique solution that the Dash Express has to traffic. The Dash Express collects traffic […]

  • Garmin Nuvi 750 Review
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    The Garmin nüvi 750 is a solid gps system that was one of the first machines to feature very good features, multi-destination routing and, “Where am I? As will all the Nuvi series line, the 750 features a high sensitivity receiver, MP3 player and photo viewer, and an FM transmitter that will play voice prompts, […]

  • Are you ready for TV on your GPS Navigation System?
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    With the new Garmin Nuvi 900T, you will now be able to watch TV on your GPS System. The Garmin Nuvi 900T Â designed to be the ultimate multimedia navigator. It will come complete with a clear widescreen display, turn-by-turn directions, preloaded maps of Europe, hands-free calling and life-time traffic services. The system will be […]

  • 4 new GPS systems from Garmin
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    Garmin have just announced the release of 4 brand new gps navigation systems for the popular Nuvi line. All 4 systems feature a faster processor that make map drawing faster and additional features like navigating by traffic updates, picture viewers and content from MSN direct. The new gps navigation systems include: Garmin Nuvi 205 ~$210 […]

  • Mio releases new GPS Navigation System called the Moov
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    Mio have just announced the release of a brand new line of Gps Navigation Systems called the Mio Moov. These gps systems come packed with a ton of features which include allowing users to search locally for points of interest. The new machines also feature a new gps chip which cuts down the time it […]

  • GPS system on your rear view mirror
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    A company based in Germany have just announced the release of a new gps system called the mirrorpilot that is integrated into your rear view mirror. It comes complete with a touch interface and with a remote control. Some of its features include: Complete maps of Europe SD Card slot Internal speaker Over 800,000 points […]

  • Gps System that can check your alchohol level
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    NDrive are about to release a new gps system that they call the G400 that has an alcohol sensor on its side that is capable of telling you the amount of alcohol in your blood. You blow into the system and it will present you with a display of your alcohol content. Watch the video […]

  • AMD Processors to power GPS Navigation Systems
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    AMD have just introduced a new line of processors which they call Imageon that can be used to enable mobile devices including gps navigation systems to receive tv signals. The AMD Imageon A250 is designed for vector graphics such as those used in rendering maps for most navigation systems, giving them a much more clear […]