iPhone vs GPS Navigation Systems

iPhone GPS System

Buy a gps navigation system device or buy an app for the iphone? That is the dilemma face many people today when thinking about navigation for their cars. There are several key factors that one has to think of when trying to make this choice:

  • Screen Size – The iPhone has a 3.5″ screen vs the widescreen gps systems that are around 4.3″. GPS manufacturers also offer larger screen sizes of up to 7″. Larger is always better, point goes to gps devices here.
  • Price – Tomtom on the iPhone goes for $100 + plus additional costs to get the mount (which will include an upgraded gps chip and speaker) your total costs for adding true navigation to your iPhone will probably cost around $160. There are a ton of Good quality gps navigation systems that cost less or are around $160. So in terms of price, gps devices beat out the iphone as well.
  • Portability – People always carry their phones, so even when traveling you will always have your phone and therefore your navigation. Sometimes people forget to carry their gps systems when traveling which is a pain and have to rely on other methods to get around when they arrive at their destinations. Because of the easy of use and portability and the lack of need to carry an additional device to your phone, we will give the iPhone this point.
  • Multitasking – When using the iPhone for navigation, you loose the ability to use it for other things like playing games or using other apps. The iPhone is a versatile tool and should not be tied down to only one function. We give gps navigation system devices the point on this because they are designed to do only one thing and one thing only, navigate.

Based on these factors, it is clear the gps navigation systems have an edge over iphones as they are designed to do one thing which they do very well. If I were you, I would buy a gps system instead of an app for navigation.


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