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The TomTom ONE 130 is designed to be an easy to use GPS navigation system. The TomTom ONE 130 interface is so easy to use, switch it on and go right out of the box. Enter the address on the touchscreen and start driving anywhere in the United States or Canada. TomTom guides you door-to-door with turn-by-turn spoken instructions. And 3D graphics help guide you to your destination, worry free.

The TomTom ONE 130 is preloaded with millions of points of interest to enhance your traveling experience–easily find your favorite gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and more. TomTom has the most accurate maps, and with TomTom Map Share technology, you instantly can modify street names, street direction, points of interest, and more on your own device. And with the “Help Me!” menu, added safety features enable you to easily access local emergency providers, such as police, fire stations, and hospitals. The “Where am I?” feature pinpoints your exact location to give to emergency providers. Award-winning Fold & Go EasyPort mount folds flat against the device, making it easy to take it with you from car to car.
No activation, no monthly fees.

Why its good

  • Easy of use – This system is very easy to use.
  • Help Me! Emergency menu – Get easy access to emergency providers around your location.
  • Tomtom Home – Tomtom provides a very easy way to keep your gps system maps up to date
  • Text to Speech – The system announces the street names in a very nice natural voice.
  • Download fun voices – You can download voices like Mr T or Yoda for a more interesting ride
  • Easily transportable – Great form factor and design makes it fit in your pocket easily.
  • Price


  • Short battery life

Bottom Line – Who it is for

This is a good gps system and one of the best systems that Tomtom have in the market. It is easy to use and has great features. Its a solid system and we would recommend this system to anyone. If you are looking for a great GPS system to use in the US or Canada then you cannot go wrong with the TomTom ONE 130. For more information you can look at a list here of the best gps systems to see other good systems.

Best Price


What you get in the box

The following items are included in the box

  1. TomTom ONE 130
  2. Easyport Mount
  3. USB Car Charger
  4. USB Cable
  5. Documentation

Video Review

More information

You can read user comments of the Tomtom 130 GPS System

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  1. Smith

    Having used this device I can't see buying one over a Garmin or Magellan. In theory it has a great set of features. In reality the menu system seems very random. There seems to be no logic to Tomtom's menu layout. I dislike that you can't zoom out when looking at the moving map. Yes, you can zoom out to about city level but not far enough where you can tell where you are between two cities on the freeway. It also automatically zooms back in after a few seconds.
    The point of interest database is large but works poorly. It doesn't search far from your target location. By target location I mean either current location, end destination, along route etc. When it gives you a list of potential matches it only says distance to the point, it doesn't indicate direction. Unlike the Garmin or Magellan, it doesn't guess what you mean very well. "Wal-mart" vs "Walmart", only one will find the store. Even worse, when searching for "Zaxby's" the unit had some locations spelled "Zaxbys" and others spelled "Zaxby's". The only way to know you would find the place is enter "Zaxby". Given the small search area and the naming issue above I found the POI system to be vastly inferior to those used by Garmin and Magellan. The soft keyboard has small buttons and no audible feedback when a key is pressed. The Magellan is particularly nice in this regard as the system says the letter or number you just pressed. It might seem a small thing but it makes typing easier because you can look for the next button rather than look back at the entry line to see what you are typing.
    The map pan and zoom system is also very poorly done. Rather than letting you pan and zoom right from the main map, you must enter the second page of the menu system. The zoom slider is frustrating as it is very easy to move it farther than you wish. What is wrong with the +/- buttons used on the main map?!
    The software does have a few good points. I like that I can customize the main screen. The unit boots up quickly (a flaw of the Garmin) and has no delays or software glitches.
    While the software end of things was lacking, the hardware end is great. The unit is small and the window mount system is wonderful! The whole thing folds against the back of the GPS. This makes the unit and mount near pocket sized. If you move the unit from car to car the mount is far better than those used on other devices. If you leave the unit in one car at all times this advantage isn't worth as much.

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