Garmin Nuviphone

Here are the latest pictures and videos from Garmin for their newest gadget the Nuviphone that is set to make its debut in a few weeks.

Nuviphone Pictures


Nuviphone Videos

Do you have questions about this new phone from Garmin, post a comment.

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  1. Paul Johnson

    Garmin, what were you thinking going with Windows Mobile? All your other Nüvi models run Linux… so why go with the wrong answer on the Nüvifone? Especially when Android is staring you right in the face with that glaring partnership you have with Google already?

    Garmin, you dropped the ball. Good luck selling your doorstop.

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  2. Alex D.

    Wrong to dilute the Nuvi brand with Windows.

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  3. Kristine

    They are coming out with a Windows Version and a Linux version this year. Next year an Android version comes out…so no worries.

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