The best way to plan your trips online

Tomtom Route Planner

Tomtom have just unveiled a new service that they say is the best way to plan your trips online. By using their expertise in navigation and mapping, Tomtom have developed an application that will give you the best information you need to plan ahead.

How can you use this. This routing application will give you the ability to

  1. Plan your route a
  2. Find out how long it will take
  3. Get the best optimized route to get you there

The routes that will be provided to you will be dynamic and will change depending on the time that you are traveling, traffic congestion, accidents and construction. Route planners today all use a rudimentary way of figuring out the best route, but Tomtom with this new application have introduced some intelligence into the route selection process.

Here are best Tomtom navigation systems that you can get today:

  1. TomTom ONE XL
  2. TomTom ONE 125
  3. TomTom One Third Edition
  4. TomTom GO 730T
  5. TomTom ONE 130

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