Now you can have custom applications on your GPS System

Dash Express

Dash Express have just announced the release of a new service that opens up their network to third party software. DashApps will be the name of the applications that will be created. Dash customers will access the application through the MyDash portal. Examples of custom applications that dash users can now download include:

  • Hunting for the home of your dreams from Coldwell Banker – Allows you to search for homes for sale through your gps system and displays the locations on the gps system map
  • When and where is my meeting from Funambol – Gives you access to your outlook, yahoo and google calendar through your gps system. Click on a meeting schedule and the system directs you to the location.
  • What’s that tune from Mediaguide – Find out names of songs that are playing on your car radio. You will be able to see a list of the last three songs that played on your favorite station.
  • Speed trap Ahead from Trapster – Provides live speed trap and red light information on the gps map
  • Is it going to rain – Provides up to date weather information on your gps system

Here are a couple of videos showing some of these custom applications at work:

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