Are you ready for TV on your GPS Navigation System?

Garmin Nuvi 900T

With the new Garmin Nuvi 900T, you will now be able to watch TV on your GPS System. The Garmin Nuvi 900T Â designed to be the ultimate multimedia navigator. It will come complete with a clear widescreen display, turn-by-turn directions, preloaded maps of Europe, hands-free calling and life-time traffic services.

The system will be released in Italy in the third quarter of 2008. With Mobile TV users will be able to watch local news, sports, movies and more. Some of the features on the Nuvi 900T include :

  • 4.3 ” WQVGA color TFT with white backlight
  • High-sensitivity receiver
  • Accepts SD data cards
  • Speaks street names (e.g. “Turn right ON MAIN STREET in 500 ft.”)
  • Hands-free calling with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • FM traffic compatible
  • Where Am I? feature (find closest hospitals, police & gas stations, nearest address & intersection)
  • MP3 player
  • Remote control

Although many GPS Systems in Asia have Mobile TV Features, Garmin are one of the first to bring this technology to Europe and eventually the US.

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