Send map info to your GPS system from Microsoft Live maps

Live Maps Send to GPS

Microsoft have introduced a new feature in Live Search Maps that provides the ability to send locations that you find on Live Search maps wireless to your compatible navigation system. You can do some research on locations that you are interested in and when you find them just click send and the location is sent to your system. You can only use this service with GPS systems that use MSN® Direct which include:

This is such a great feature that was introduced in the market by Dash Navigation. As the price of such features start to come down, we will see more and more gps systems getting this ability.


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  1. Rich Owings

    This feature does not work on first generation MSN units like the nuvi 680 and StreetPilot c580. An upgrade does allow it to work on any 700 series model with an MSN receiver though.

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