Garmin announce the Nuvi 850/880 Gps Navigation systems

Garmin Nuvi 850 880

Garmin have just announced the release of some brand new Nuvi’s that will feature speech recognition. The Garmin Nuvi 850 and Nuvi 880 feature slick designs and their new speech recognition software is very easy to use. Users will supplied with a wireless push to talk wireless remote to their steering wheel, which will be used to activate the voice commands. You will not need to touch the gps system once you activate the speech recognition feature. Additional features of the new Nuvis are:

  • MSN Direct access (Garmin Nuvi 880 only)
  • Bluetooth (Garmin Nuvi 880 only)
  • Text-to-speech
  • FM transmitter
  • Picture Viewer
  • Receive special notices on festivals, concerts, and sporting events near you, and navigate to them
  • Send to GPS capability: plan trips and look up destinations from the convenience of your computer, via Windows Live Local, and then wirelessly send locations to your nuvi 880
  • Receive the latest news and stocks wirelessly
  • “Where Am I?” feature: find the closest hospitals, police stations, gas stations, nearest address and intersection. Also see your exact latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Last position: unit automatically marks your position when you remove it from the windshield mount, so you can navigate with nüvi on foot and find your way back to your vehicle

“Garmin’s nuvi 880 uses speech recognition to make navigation safer and easier than ever. Now it’s possible to keep both hands on the wheel, tell nuvi what to do and where to go, and you’re on your way to stress-free travel,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s worldwide vice president of sales. “And with enhanced MSN Direct services, the nuvi 880 provides cutting-edge content like traffic, fuel prices, news and business headlines, and a wireless ‘send to GPS’ capability.”

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