Dash Express announce their rates

Dash Express

Dash Express which is the first Gps System with two way internet connectivity have just announced their rates for using the system that will provide features like Send2Car, where you can send an address from your computer to your car, and traffic information using the Dash Driver Network. Their rates are:

  • $9.99 – Prepay for 2 years
  • $10.99 – Prepay for 1 year
  • $12.99 – Month to month

We are all waiting for this amazing system to come out and will hopefully have a review when it does.

You can also watch this video that introduces you to the dash express and shows you why we are excited about this system coming out.

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  1. Saurabh Kaushik

    Dash Express is loaded to fascinate us with on the go telling us;

    * Better routes to get destination considering the traffic flow.
    * Better ways to get destination by giving us specific options to shop, eat and drink.
    * Better options to explore locality of route.

    Features which I admire most,

    * MyDash: Allows me to create button and upload to Dash device through Internet.
    * Send2Car: Allows me to talk to car from my laptop to updates like addresses.

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