Dash Express gets popular web content to your car

Dash Express

Dash recently demonstrated the ability of the dash express to seamlessly integrate popular web content services like Zillow and UpComing.

With the integration of Zillow which is a real estate site, you will be able to access rich content real estate information in your car.

Imagine driving into a new neighborhood and wondering what home prices are around you, well just hit the Zillow button and you will get not only Zestimates (Zillow’s estimate of a home’s value) along with information like number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, last sale date, last sale price, etc.

When using UpComing.org, you will now be able to find any event right from your car

Imagine driving up to San Francisco and you are planning to take the kids to Golden Gate Park, but it starts raining. Don’t worry, just hit that Upcoming.org button and get events in San Francisco to take the family to.

Some features that the Dash express will have include:

  • 4.3″TFT LCD screen, 480×272
  • Battery with 2 to 4 hours of life
  • Powered mount
  • Fewer buttons (will only have 2 buttons)
  • USB Port

The Dash Express will be available during the first quarter of 2008. Via.

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