Free Map update for Garmin Nuvi Products

You might be eligible for a free Map update from Garmin when you register your gps system with Garmin. Once you register your machine you will have access to the latest software and services. The new update service is called MyGarmin .

** Update ** – The machine does not have to be brand new, as long as you have not registered your machine with Garmin, you are eligible for a free map update. Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Register your Garmin gps
  2. Once you register, connect your garmin to your computer, go to the My Garmin page and if you do not see a “Update Maps” link  call Customer Service @ 800-800-1020. Tell them that you are eligible for a free map update but you are not getting the link on your My Garmin page. They will ask you for proof of purchase which you can email them and in about an hour or so, they will email you back letting you know that you have access to the maps.
  3. When you get the email, Click the link, download, connect your garmin to your computer and the software automatically installs the updated maps for you

** Update 2** – Even if you have just bought your gps system get the free update. Remember that these systems have been sitting on store shelves for  months and probably have outdated maps.

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The following are some of the products that are eligible for the free map update:

To receive a free map update by registering your gps system, go to Garmin’s website. You will be able to check your serial number there to see if your gps system is eligible for a free update.

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  1. Laura Lee Ogle

    Ineed to up date my Nuvi 600/650. Where do I go. At the store (Best Buy) said to click on Update????

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  2. gpsdock

    I think you can plug your system in and fire up the update and it should work for you

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  3. joec

    i bought a new c330 garmin and it has old mapping. what’s up with that? is free mapping available for this unit? thanks!

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  4. Alvin Kleinbeck

    I recently purchased a “Garmin nuvi 200w series and the booklet told me to log on to your website and register it. I have not found a place where to enter the information. HELP!

    Does this unit reqire an updated map for the US?

    If I go to major cities do I need a cities map chip?

    I’ll await your response.

    Thank you, Alvin Kleinbeck

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  5. Gordon T. Richard,Sr.

    I have purchased a Garmin C330 , I have it registered. Is there a free update map for this unit and if so how do I get it ?
    By the way, I have used my Garmin quite a bit and like it very much.
    Thanks for any info.

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  6. Spencer

    Any GPS that offers lietime of free map updates? Garmin charging $70.00 is a bit high when a new GPS cost under $200.00

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  7. Steven Martin

    I have a Garmin Nuvi 350 and they only allow one free mapping update per unit, so when they say free mapping update be aware of this. I think if you buy a GPS system the mapping should be free for life. By the way my street is three years old and still not on the new upgrades.

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