US – Gps System and EU – Galileo will talk with each other

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The US and the European Union announced a breakthrough to make Global Positioning System(US) and Galileo (EU) Systems interoperable. GPS has 30 satellites orbiting around Earth providing services such as car navigation or hand held navigation. The system is in the process of being upgraded while Galileo is still being developed slated to be operational around 2009.

Both sides have agreed to improve the design for their respective system signals. These signals will be implemented on the Galileo Open Service and the GPS IIIA. The existing GPS signal can be interrupted for military purposes while the Galileo is supposed to be designed in partnership with the private sector.

“We are pleased by the adoption of this key improvement to the common civil signal design,” said U.S. State Department Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Reno Harnish in a joint statement with his European counterparts. “The U.S.-EU collaboration that produced this innovation and led to its joint adoption reflects the strong working relationships that we have developed on GPS and Galileo. This technical milestone represents the next step in our ongoing commitment to open standards and market-driven innovation that will benefit all users world wide.”


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