IBM announces five new transport innovations

IBM 5 transport innovations

IBM announced five innovations that will have the potential to change the way people travel over the next five years. These innovations are expected to transform our lives. Every year over 9 billion gallons of fuel are wasted because of traffic congestion, car accidents cost consumers billions of dollars and by the year 2020 the number of airline passengers is expected to double. The innovations that they announced include:

  • Driver Assist technologies
  • Intelligent traffic systems using sensor technologies
  • Mass transit systems connected to cell phones
  • Sophisticated voice recognition systems
  • Smart airport systems

Cars will exchange information with each other and with the road, take corrective action where appropriate, and provide essential feedback to the drivers. Highway and city merging and traffic flow will be smoother and safer. Transportation systems will call or text message, riders to alert them when the next bus or train is due to arrive. Using sensors, GPS technology and in-vehicle communications, an innovative transport system will send notifications of train and bus delays, or if an alternative route will be faster or more convenient.

“Transportation researchers and strategists at IBM are concerned that the cure for transportation problems is not building more roads or adding flights. IBM thinks emerging technologies — especially in communications — will make travel safer, more streamlined and able to accommodate ever-increasing growth demands.”Dr Daniel Dias, director, India Research Laboratory, IBM

These technologies will change the way we know travel today, the future is here.

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