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Garmin is planning the release of 4 new gps handheld models for their eTrex series this fall. 3 of the units will be Galileo ready. They seem to have boosted the sensitivity on each of the new models.

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  1. A Sinha Roy

    I live in the city of Mumbai, India. Recently I picked up a Garmin etrex ‘Legend’ hand-held GPS in the States, intending to use it for marking locations of open wells that Rotary Clubs are digging for villagers. However, when I switch the GPS on — even after 30 minutes I still get the message ‘Wait, Tracking satellites” on the screen. On the display map and bar-code I see three vertical graphs and 3 satellites numbered as 26, 28 and 29,. However, no indication of my ‘position’ or ‘altitude’. Can somebody please help me to identify what’s wrong. Is it that these hand-helds work only in America ?

    Many thanks.

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  2. Matt

    You should be able to pick up a gps signal seems as though you might have something wrong with the system. Call Garmin they have very good customer service and they should be able to rectify your problem.

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  3. Laurie

    Are you outdoors when you try it? You must have a clear view of the sky.


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