Drive Safer with a car gps navigation system

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The CEA (Consumers Electronics Association) is encouraging people to buy gps navigation systems because the systems make it safer to drive. With the beginning of the summer travel season next week, the CEA is doing its best to educate consumers on the need for navigation electronics and their proper, safe use. They have also re-launched a Web site called, an online resource that educates consumers on the latest technologies to help reduce distractions, while making car trips more pleasant and relaxing.

“The most impressive feature introduced this year is text-to-speech, but only a few companies are offering this,” the CEA observes on DigitalDriver, such as Pioneer and Magellan. “Their devices call out actual street names rather than just stating distances to the next turn during route guidance. Those who have used navigation devices before understand how convenient this feature is, as it eliminates the need to check the mapping display to confirm voice prompts.

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