New GPS System from Hyundai Mobis


A few weeks ago we talked about a new gps system for the Korean market from TTool. Well the Koreans are at it again this time from Hyundai Mobis, a subsideary of Hyundai who announced a new ‘MDN7300′ gps system. It features:

  • a 7″ screen
  • Intel PXA 270 520MHz CPU for enhanced video playback
  • Samsung’s digital TFT-LCD(480×234)
  • built-in SiRF Star III GPS module
  • 2GB SD memory card.
  • PIP(picture in picture)
  • safe driving mode
  • electronic manual
  • FM transmitter
  • LCD on/off
  • USB host

Also notice the 3D mapping on the screen, looks amazing. Hopefully systems like this one and the one from TTool will make it to the US market soon.

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