Track a car with gps location tracking

GPS Snitch: Best if used to track your car incase it gets stolen or if you have the need to have real time tracking ie. For example if you want to track where your teenager goes and want to know where they are.Its small enough to be hidden almost anywhere and gives you the power to locate your vehicle on demand using the internet or your web-enabled cellular phone.More information on vehicle tracking by gps-snitch …


Trackstick:Tracksticks are small GPS location recorders capable of continuously logging their own location histories for extended periods of time. These detailed recordings include time, date, location, speed, heading and altitude. Built-in flash memory and long battery life allows for the storage of months of travel information.What you basically do is hide this little device somewhere in the car and then after a few weeks pull it out and it will plot all the locations that the car has been to since the last download.More information on vehicle tracking by trackstick …

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