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Stay alive not matter what might occur. The Phoenix have a great article on biking and the gear that will keep you safe and on their list is of course a gps navigation system.

Where in the world . . . ?
A global positioning system isn’t just for spoiled teens and soccer moms in SUVs any more — they’re now for spoiled teens and soccer moms on bikes as well. GPS, more often used for navigating mountain trails, may seem a bit over-the-top for urban biking, but if you really want to bring your bike into the 21st century and avoid getting lost, these pricey navigation aids can do the trick. Just stick one on your handlebars and the easy-to-read LCD screen will ensure that you’ll find your destination without having to deal with any tricky maps. Though they use the same technology and are as accurate as GPS systems for cars, bike navigation systems are shatter-resistant, waterproof, and more compact. And while GPS can be especially helpful to cyclists who are new to the city, seasoned urban cyclists can also benefit from additional features: some of these gadgets can tell you your speed, heart rate, and a 12-hour weather forecast.

Top GPS Navigation Systems for Biking:

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