LG Releases 3 New GPS Navigation Systems


LG have just released 3 new gps navigation systems for the US. The LN730, LN735 and LN740 are slated to start appearing in retail stores around the first half of May. The three units feature turn-by-turn voice guidance, touchscreen displays, SiRF Star III GPS receivers, maps covering the United States and Canada, and a ton of POI’s(Points of Interest).

LG’s portable navigator line-up features touch-screen LCDs ranging in size from 3.5 to 4 inches, turn-by-turn voice guidance, super-slim cases for enhanced portability, and millions of points of interest, providing consumers with easy-to-use, precise navigation. In addition, some models also deliver text-to-speech voice guidance and provide access to real-time traffic services using RDS-TMC broadcast technology.

The LN740 portable navigator features access to a real-time traffic information service. Included in the product is a 90-day free subscription to the traffic service that can be activated by simply selecting the “Traffic” menu on your navigator. More information about the specific cities and roads covered by the traffic service as well as information about how to subscribe to the service after the 90-day free trial will be available at this web site soon. Please check back again later.

Excerpt and picture from LG’s website

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