Garmin Nuvi 200, 250, 270 Reviews

Garmin Nuvi 270The Garmin Nuvi 200, Nuvi 250 and Nuvi 270 are an addition that Garmin is making to the Nuvi series this summer. The folks over at have a great review on the new machines. In their review they go over the main features of the devices like the design, wind shield mounting and navigation.

Nuvi 200 vs. 250 vs 270
The differences between the Garmin Nuvi 200 line ONLY lie between the maps that are pre-loaded onto the units. The Nuvi 200, Continental US Only, Nuvi 250 North America (adds Canada, HI and AK), and the Nuvi 270 adds maps of Europe. Again, these are all pre-loaded and ready to go out of the box. Going to Europe and need to navigate? Grab the Nuvi 270, or 370 or 670, as they have the maps you need. To be clear, I used the Nuvi 250, but what I observed should be applicable for the Nuvi 200, and the Nuvi 270, at least domestically.

Like all Garmins the unit gives you plenty of notice when approaching a turn in a clear concise voice. The Nuvi 200 line does not have Text-to-speech capability that says the road name, so instead it tells you to “Turn in 400 yards” instead of “Turn on Maple Street in 400 yards.” That capability is reserved for higher end units.

The unit also sheds any ability to use TMC traffic, which is optional at the Nuvi 350 level (an extra $150 for the antenna) and standard on the Nuvi 660 (about $400 more than the Nuvi 200), so it’s not cheap if you want the capability. It’s not a value feature anywhere at this point that I know of.

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