Motorola Enters GPS Market with the T815 and T805

Motorola have decided to join the GPS Industry with their latest products the T815 and T805. They have released a new service call MotoNav, which will be available for the T805 (Java Enabled Phones) and the T815 (Smartphone’s)

Summary of key features (T815):

  • Portable, just clip and you are ready to go. Visor clip, vehicle power adaptor, and cell phone mount included in the box
  • Mini-USB connector for easy charging
  • One convenient multi-function button for multiple operations
  • Bluetooth wireless technology system is quick and easy to set up with EasyPair technology
  • Works with compatible Version Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, or 2.0 Bluetooth enabled phones
  • Local search lets you locate points-of-interest in your vicinity

Both Navigation systems will be available in the 2nd quater of 2007, and can be found at online stores like

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