Garmin Astro 220 GPS Based Dog tracking

Garmin are introducing the Astro, the first high sensitivity GPS-enabled dog tracking system for sportsmen, hunters or even that homeowner with a wondering dog :D. This unique system pinpoints your dogs position and shows you exactly where he is, even when you cant see or hear him.

Your dog gets a comfortable harness, you get a handheld receiver and as often as every five seconds, your dog will transmit his position to your handheld, and you can see his current location and a trail of where he’s been on the Map page of your handheld. Switch over to the Dog Tracker page to view a compass pointing to your dog’s location as well as his current status: whether he’s running, sitting, on point or treeing quarry.

Astro boasts a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that can track your dog’s position even in the densest cover. You can track up to ten dogs at one time with Astro, at a distance of up to five miles away (depending on terrain). The system transmits information by line-of-sight, so it reaches farthest in flat, open territory.

The Astro should be available in June and will have an MSRP of $499.99 and $599.99 for the combo unit. As usual, you will probably be able to get lower prices of this unit at sites like :D.

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